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Product guides Case studies
PG101 industrial Industrial and commercial cleaners
Products for deep cleaning and renovating floors including rubber deposit/tyre mark removers, environmentally safe heavy duty degreasers, coatings.
Traffic film removers for lorries/trucks, cars, marine cleaners for yachts, ships.
'Natural-derived 3 in 1' descalers/cleaners/sanitisers for kitchens, washrooms.
cs1 chemical factory Boat cleaning
Line marking cleaning Heavy rubber  deposit removal Yacht cleaning and renovation
paint and graffiti guide Specialist cleaners
High performance, ultra-green paint strippers and graffiti removers, including a completely safe graffiti remover for perspex, plexiglas, polycarbonate.
DOOR STRIPPED Graffitis brickwall Graffiti plastic
Paint removal from wooden door Paint removal from metal Graffiti removal from clear polycarbonate
pg guide engineering Engineering degreasers, descalers
Environmentally safe degreasers for light and heavy engineering, industrial marine and workshop use.
Lime-scale, protein-deposit and biofilm removers for industrial plant.
distillery Manufactoring
Descaling at ethanol distillery Automotive parts washing
pg guide High performance biocides
Multi-biocide products for sanitising and cleaning in food processing plant, clean storage, kitchens, washrooms, etc. Products exceed the requirement of EU disinfection test standard EN1276, for sanitisation in food processing companies, kitchens and washrooms.
BC320 Biocides for toilet
Biocide-cleaner for automated toilets
Product and safety datasheets are available upon request